Moving from Blogger and a fresh start

So, some of you may remember me from My Reading Room.  I blogged over there for quite awhile and then I stopped. Life just got in the way and who knows it may get in the way again.  I’m still a wife, a mom of a rising sophomore and sixth grader who are both active in sports and I still have a chronic illness.  But I’m striving to stay active and stay healthy for me, for my husband and for my boys.  So hopefully that means more reading and more reviews and posts and restarting the blog.

So why move?  I’ve been using Word Press at work and love it so I felt like a fresh start. Yes it means regrowing the blog, but the Blogger blog has been inactive for awhile anyway.  So why not start from scratch.


So welcome to Crystal’s Reading Room.  I’m still an avid reader, but now I’m also an avid knitter so I don’t read quite as much.  I still read all sorts of books.  I love my library and I love my Kindle, but I still love browsing a book store.  I love spending time on the boat as you can see from the picture above.  That is our boat in our happy place.  On this blog you will see memes, anything to do with reading and books, sometimes things about my life and book reviews.  Some book reviews will be books provided by publishers and some will be books I have bought or borrowed from my wonderful local library.

So come in, sit a spell, pull out your favorite book and just enjoy yourself.  Tell me your favorite book. Tell me something you would like to see.  Tell me about yourself.  I would love to interact with you and I plan on interacting better with blogs and on twitter this time.  You can find my twitter in the footer on this page. Come join me there or on facebook or instagram (though I haven’t really started this yet, but I will be).

Have a wonderful Tuesday and I look forward to chatting with you more!

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