Book Blogger Hop 7/29

Book Blogger Hop


The Book Blogger Hop is hosted over at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict and is a way to get Book Bloggers to interact with each other each week. A question is posted and you can go here to find out each week’s question so you can schedule your posts in advance. But it’s pretty easy. Answer the question for the week, link up and then visit other blogs and spend time there getting to know a new-to-you blog and comment. It’s great for all of us bloggers.

So here goes:

Do you give books as gifts?

Sometimes. Often to young children, but I find it hard to pick out books for adults. If I know just the book for the occasion or the person, then yes.  But in general, no I don’t give books as gifts.  Amazon gift cards to buy books, yes.  🙂

So what do you do? Link up and visit other blogs and thank you for visiting me!

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