My Reading Habits and how they are changing

I thought it was a good way to restart my blog by talking about my reading habits and thoughts I have on changing them.

In the past, with a few exceptions I do not re-read books.  However I’m thinking of revising this.  In the years of book blogging in the past I was caught up in many different series. Some I was able to keep up with, others I didn’t. Not for lack of liking the series, but because I just devoted my time to other things and slowly went from reading almost 200 books/year to the last two years I have read under 100.  Still impressive numbers I know, but no longer did my life revolve around reading and blogging.

I don’t plan to go back to 150+ books/year but I plan on blogging again. And I plan on going back to some of those series I started.  And yes, I will re-read the books in the series so I refresh my memory about the characters and the series.  One series I started was the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa.  I plan on revisiting this. I also plan on reading the The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare.  And there are several others.

Part of this motivation is to read books I have on my Kindle.  Older review books, books I have purchased, freebies.  Books I already have.  I still plan to review new books and I am sure I will purchase new ones, but I want to focus on getting books read.

This doesn’t mean I won’t read new books.  I will continue to rely on my library and book bargains for my Kindle.

In the past I have had a Scribd or Kindle Unlimited subscription.  I am unsure what I will do here.  Usually when I have these, I try to use them to make the most of my money, but with wanting to focus on books I own, this might get in the way.  Instead I may put the money I would spend on a subscription towards books I really want to buy each month.

And it’s very possible I will have a book budget, I’m just not sure what it will be yet.  I think I will get into specifics in a New Year’s post.

And coming later this week I will also unveil my book challenges I will be joining in 2017. Hopefully I will keep up in the coming year.

All this was to say, I am coming back to reading, I am coming back to blogging. I will still sew, I will still knit and because of some review coloring books sent to me, I may also try coloring.  I will find a balance in my life and just enjoy each day without any conditions on what I must do.  I will find a blog schedule that will work with this philosophy.  I will review books I have read this year, I will post memes, I will post new reviews, I will have fun. And I will re-read books.

What are your reading habits like? Do you re-read? If you blog do you adhere to a tight schedule?  And do you get bogged down from time-to-time?  What other hobbies do you have? What is your favorite book from 2016.  Talk to me, tell me about what you do. I’m interested and find it buoys me to continue what I do and excites me about the world of reading around me.


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